High performers are deploying 200 times more frequently than low performers, with 2,555 times faster lead times. They also have the fastest recovery time and the lowest change failure rate.

Candid CloudOps can help get you to the top

What does it take to decrease time to market, minimize rework, reduce downtime, deliver on time, and ensure security standards are enforced so that your business can move quickly with confidence? Candid CloudOps provides Agile development and Cloud operations methodologies to help technology teams deliver on business needs. Using Candid’s CloudOps best practices, developers can progress complex changes from development, through testing, and into production using automation.


Transforming from the status quo to a high performing DevOps culture can provide your organization with a competitive advantage and increased employee satisfaction, but change isn’t easy. Candid CloudOps experts can lead by example and help your team embrace the technology, people, and process changes that enable a DevOps culture.

Infrastructure as Code

Cloud Infrastructure is the foundation that paves the way for DevOps success. Candid CloudOps leverages an infrastructure as code request model that streamlines a highly-integrated software development process with operational support.

Tools and Technologies

Our consultants are experienced with implementing DevOps tools and technologies across functions and tech stacks. We can leverage the standard Candid CloudOps model or recommend tools that meet your organization’s unique needs.


Integrating security into your development pipeline ensures that security policies are consistently implemented and significantly reduces time spent remediating security issues. Candid CloudOps ensures your security requirements are identified upfront and integrated with your development processes. We will help you observe AWS Security Best Practices for all AWS engagements.


Case Studies

Client: One of the world's largest beverage corporations

Project: North America Consumer AWS Migration

Candid developed a holistic implementation plan to move North America consumer division to the AWS Cloud. The scope of our efforts included developing a financial model that captured the first year migration and support costs along with long-term six-year hard and soft cost savings. We also redefined processes, migrated 90 websites and implemented an ongoing operational and support model. As part of the operational model, automation was implemented for every piece of the model including: account and site creation, security and operations monitoring and security group setup.

  • Infrastructure cost savings of over $1M a year
  • Total operational savings of $13M to $19M over six years
  • Drove adoption of AWS across entire enterprise

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Client: One of the world's largest beverage corporations

Project: Marketing Agency Lambda Pipeline

Client’s North America architecture needed to support the deployment of applications in a reliable, consistent, safe and scalable environment. Focusing on the business needs, we created an in-repo YAML defined pipeline template. Each pipeline represented a unique Lambda function, monitored by CloudWatch, with independent automated testing, standards compliance and deployment for each function. Today, individual marketing agencies are able to leverage a DevOps process based on the Serverless framework to deploy AWS Lambda functions for all new services.

  • Every function gets its own CI/CD pipeline, developed and deployed independently
  • Per function deployment supports the CI/CD DevOps delivery model
  • Central repository consolidates pipeline definitions for better change control

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Client: One of the world's largest beverage corporations

Project: Freestyle CDA

Candid conducted a technology assessment that revealed the need to re-architect key areas of the client’s infrastructure supporting the mobile app. We proposed a phased approach to rebuild all infrastructure using standardized CloudFormation and bootstrap scripts. This gradual approach would allow us to re-architect the application and rebuild the entire infrastructure with almost no downtime for the enterprise.

  • Stabilized the foundational platform, architected infrastructure for idempotency, addressed redundancy and fault tolerance through a Multi-AZ approach
  • Blue-green deployment approach minimizes downtime and enables rapid rollback
  • Standardized releases using CodeDeploy and Jenkins
  • Re-designed the hosting environment from fixed-capacity to auto-scaling

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Client: One of the world's largest beverage corporations

Project: PIN Codes

The client’s PIN Codes system was hosted in a third-party data center, resulting in expensive infrastructure and support costs and raising concerns over reliability, availability, and security risks. Candid proposed to migrate the solution to AWS to leverage several services that provided increased performance, reliability and elasticity of systems. The services included autoscaling, adding caching and leveraging an enterprise-grade RDBMS to improve performance.

  • Security is more transparent and easier due to the flexibility of AWS
  • Automation reduces cost and time
  • Large performance improvements achieved by leveraging AWS native cloud components

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Client: One of the world's largest beverage corporations

Project: AWS Enterprise Migration - Cloud Factory Automation

Candid accelerated client’s move from an on-premise data center to AWS using an automation framework based on infrastructure as code using HashiCorp terraform language.

  • The time for initial builds was reduced from 4-6 weeks to less than 2 days
  • Infrastructure requirements can be specified without Terraform coding
  • Application requirements no longer need to be translated into infrastructure
  • Security teams encoded standardized rules in the infrastructure CI/CD pipeline
  • Infrastructure deployments followed client standards with little to no effort
  • Non-compliant infrastructure definitions were caught before implementation
  • Instant feedback on specifications consistency & company standards alignment

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