Case Studies

With more than 400 engagements over the last five years, Candid Partners has the deep expertise and experience necessary to guide your organization’s cloud transformation to success. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped clients streamline execution and maximize return on investment.

North America Consumer AWS Migration

Client: One of the world’s largest beverage corporations

Developed a financial model that captured the first-year migration and support costs along with six-year hard- and soft-cost savings. We redefined processes, migrated 90 websites, and implemented an ongoing operational and support model resulting in:

  • Infrastructure cost savings of more than $1M a year
  • Total operational savings of $13M to $19M over six years
  • Adoption of AWS across entire enterprise
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Proactive Churn Management (PCM)

Client: Global Communications Company

When faced with intense competitive pressure due to disruptive changes in the entertainment industry, our client formed a Proactive Churn Management group to boost loyalty. We helped them face challenges scaling and optimizing their efforts, resulting in:

  • Scaled capacity of proactive customer touches by 10x in 4 years
  • Savings of $3 million per year in call center costs
  • Significant improvements to retention and the number of “saved” customer accounts
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Data Center Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Client: Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

To reduce costs and and improve agility, a Fortune 500 Financial Services company made the strategic decision to transform its IT operations by migrating three data centers and over 5,000 applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  We partnered with them to:

  • Create the business case and cost and benefit analysis
  • Conduct the migration assessment with Candid’s VolkerTM Cloud Migration Tool
  • Craft the hybrid cloud architecture and migration execution strategy
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Marketing Agency Lambda Pipeline

Client: One of the world’s largest beverage corporations

Focusing on business needs, we created an in-repo YAML-defined pipeline template. Each pipeline represented a unique Lambda function, monitored by CloudWatch, with independent automated testing, standards compliance, and deployment for each function.

  • Every function received its own CI/CD pipeline, developed and deployed independently
  • Per function deployment supported the CI/CD DevOps delivery model
  • Central repository consolidated pipeline definitions for better change control
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Mobile Application and Marketing Platform Re-Architecture

Client: Global Consumer Enterprise

We conducted a technology assessment that revealed the need to re-architect key areas of the client’s infrastructure supporting the mobile app. A gradual approach allowed us to re-architect the application and rebuild the entire infrastructure with almost no downtime for the enterprise.

  • Stabilized the platform and architected infrastructure for idempotency
  • Addressed redundancy and fault tolerance through a Multi-AZ approach
  • Minimized downtime and enabled rapid rollback with blue-green deployment approach
  • Standardized releases using CodeDeploy and Jenkins
  • Re-designed the hosting environment from fixed-capacity to auto-scaling
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PIN Codes

Client: One of the world’s largest beverage corporations

We migrated the client’s PIN codes system from a third-party data center to AWS to leverage services that provided increased performance, reliability, and elasticity of systems. Access to auto-scaling, caching, and an enterprise-grade RDBMS improved performance, including:

  • More transparent and streamlined security due to the flexibility of AWS
  • Reduced costs and time through automation
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AWS Enterprise Migration with Candid Cloud Factory™ Automation

Client: One of the world’s largest beverage corporations

We accelerated the client’s move from an on-premise data center to AWS with an infrastructure-as-code automation framework using HashiCorp terraform language. Functional and operational improvements included:

  • Reduced initial build time from four to six weeks to less than two days
  • Specification of infrastructure requirements without Terraform coding
  • Removed need to translate application requirements into infrastructure
  • Encoded standardized security rules into the infrastructure CI/CD pipeline
  • Decreased or removed effort required to meet client standards for infrastructure deployments
  • Removed non-compliant infrastructure definitions before implementation
  • Gathered instant feedback on specifications, consistency, and company standards alignment
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Mainframe Migration to AWS

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Candid Partners was chosen to help migrate Coca-Cola’s mainframe system to the cloud, including essential legacy applications responsible for processing billions of dollars of financial transactions annually. Candid’s Cloud FactoryTM provided a holistic framework that facilitated the seamless migration of Coca-Cola’s enterprise legacy applications, services and infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

  • Enabled Coca-Cola to achieve the same, or better, level of parallel processing performance provided by mainframes on the AWS platform
  • Helped Coca-Cola reduce operational costs by more than 80% by migrating to AWS
  • Supported Coca-Cola’s accomplishment in being one of the first large-scale mainframe migrations to AWS
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EDI Hub Migration

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

To simplify architecture and increase security, our client needed to migrate its complex EDI hub to AWS. The project required unsnarling the complex business-critical system which interconnected dozens of internal applications with thousands of external partners. The migration enabled our client to achieve a scalable, sustainable environment while also reducing costs and risks through:

  • Architecture standards and automated security
  • DevOps continuous integration/continuous delivery architecture
  • Support for overall data center exit strategy resulting in significant savings
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