Volker Cloud Migration Tool

Accurate, Accelerated, & Seamless Cloud Migration

Volker™ Cloud Migration Tool provides cloud migration teams with planning, strategy, standardization, and automation capabilities to facilitate factory-scale Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud migrations. As an integral part of Candid Cloud Factory™, Volker™ captures people, processes, and pattern interdependencies to deliver a single source of truth across your organization for a successful AWS migration.

Reduce Expenses, Resources, & Time

Volker™ helps teams effectively track and manage multiple workloads, coordinate efforts, make more accurate business decisions, and strike agreements among disparate business units. This allows companies migrating to AWS services to:

  • Standardize and automate staff operations and communications
  • Align and move migration processes more quickly and efficiently
  • Eliminate confusion, redundancy, and wasted effort
  • Reduce costs, resources, and time needed for complex migrations

Deep Features Deliver Value

Application Dependency Mapping

Define application dependencies and enable a holistic view of migration risk and complexity.

Architecture Standards and Codification

Automate, apply, and codify standards to reduce errors and enforce guidelines. Significantly decrease time and costs.

AWS Account Planning

Apply AWS best practices in a structured approach to better manage multiple AWS accounts efficiently.

Cloud Architecture

Deliver a standardized method to map existing on-premise design into a standardized cloud architecture in a simple and intuitive graph-based user interface.

Integrated Architecture

Provide standardized design structure, integrating every architecture required and current data residing on legacy systems.

IT Asset Scoring and Prioritization

Allow mass import, conversion, and standardization of raw IT asset data into defined applications.

Network Architecture Planning

Enable your team to design standardized virtual private clouds (VPC) and subnets for cloud-based deployments.

At Candid Partners, we recognize that every cloud implementation has unique challenges, including technology, security, and operational considerations. By leveraging Volker™ and our comprehensive AWS expertise, we help our clients conserve resources, migrate more efficiently, and significantly reduce migration expenses.

Migrate More Efficiently Through Each Migration Stage
Volker™ Cloud Migration Tool:  Seamless Cloud Migration
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